Phillip Island, quelques réactions complémentaires ...

Comme promis, voici les réactions des autres pilotes, énumérés à la fin de la dernière note :


“I had a small crash this afternoon. I was not sure if I gonna go out again after the crash but, in the end, I think it was very important to go back on the bike and to put up the confidence again after the crash and, in the end, we did a really strong pace after the crash and I think we’re very happy. We found our way with the bike and we worked a lot on the electronic and also the use tyres and we found a way to make a really fast time so I’m very happy and I’m looking forward for Qatar”.


“The bike is much better than the first day. The lap time is quite close from the first guys. We repeated not the best lap but really close many times and I’m so happy with that. I’m so pleased. Just thanks to the team because they are working like a beast (NDLR : prononcé “best”). I think we are putting everything together.”

Bradley SMITH

“Like I said before, I had a quite hard compound rear tyre here and that’s some way we’ve been struggling a little bit and I think that, in the end, we found a good solution for that so I’m positive from that point of view. From the electronic side also, the long corners here and the hard drive aeras, it’s important to find an important balance so … yeah, I’m generally pleased with the improvements. Day one and day two, the lap time wasn’t really coming how I would expect but, by the end of today, I found a lot more comfortable and we all know that in Phillip Island, small differences make the difference, so pleased to do a 1.29 in the end.”


“We were playing a little bit with the geometry of the bike, try to find a better turning because we are struggling a lot on fast corners to keep a high speed and we are … and … for the moment this is our limit because we cannot go quicker in mid corner. So we are working on this direction but overall we make one more step today so I’m satisfied".


“Yeah, I’m reasonably happy. I think we’ve done a good progression. In the end we got faster and higher. The gap is close now. We’re point 3, point 4. It put us right into the early teens which was what we’re aiming to start the season, in the point closer to the top teen so, for me, it’s getting better. There’s a lot of positive : no mistakes these two days to go with the 3 days in Sepang where I did big mistakes. So that’s important for me and for us. So I keep improving. I think I’m looking forward for Qatar test. Should have some 2017 bikes so it would be nice to get on ‘cause it’s all positive. Yeah, we keep going our direction.”


“Overall the lap time is not so bad and the consistancy for the moment is very good but I think we could go quicker. We will see.”

Johann ZARCO

“I’m happy because … on difficult circuit finally I could learn a lot and control this super Moto GP bike so it’s really important for the future.”


“You know, we’ve find a new set up that seems to keep working in the right direction where we’re aiming so we are really really … another really positive days, so I can’t thank the team enough, they are helping a lot and looking for finishing the test this afternoon solid and countdown heading to Qatar.”

Je précise au passage, que si l'anglais de ces pilotes n'est pas top top sauf peut-être pour les pilotes britanniques ^^, ma compréhension à l'audition de cette belle langue est, en définitive, du même tonneau ;-) et ça n'a pas été facile de tout comprendre. D'ailleurs, il est possible que quelques erreurs se soient glissées dans les textes, mais sachez que c'est à l'insu de mon plein gré !!
Pour le reste, il faut avouer qu'il ne ressort pas grand chose de toutes ces déclarations.
Ils sont tous plus ou moins "happy" sauf peut-être Valentino ROSSI finalement ...

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