Phillip Island, quelques réactions ...

J'ai écouté et transcrit les propos tenus par quelques pilotes lors des interviews d'après essais au Qatar.
En voici quelques uns, "bruts de dégommage" comme on dit dans le métier ^^

Maverick VINALES

"We did a really positive test. We came here to test many things. Finally, we got the things clear. We know which set up we can use in Qatar already. We did a lot of job, you know and I’m quite happy for that. Today, we concentrate a lot on the race pace. I can be happy but we still need to improve."


"We improve, we improve a lot and, you know, yesterday I said “I’m not very happy” and not very comfortable with the bike because we were missing something but, today, we found one way that can be THE way and in the afternoon in three, four runs, we improve a lot and pom pom pom pom, I was smiling again on the bike. Step by step we are getting closer but we don’t have to forget that this circuit is special for the set up, for the riding style and we must to be calm and try to analyse everything because it’s not 100% what I want but, in Qatar, we will see where we are, no ?"


"We try some tyres with Michelin and I think they work very well. They did some good steps with some tyres and regarding to today’s work it was most about the rear part of the bike and a little bit about the electronics. So we are in the good way but still we have to … we still have some job to do and hopefully and I think the only thing that was missing today was a long run and we still have to prepare this before the first race."


"If we look this test from the speed and the competitive, we are quite good but what we have to try to do to be in front in every situation still we miss something so I hope in Qatar we can improve a little bit more."


"My goal was to improve feelings and understand more the way to get a little closer to the maximum with this bike and this goal we did it, and so my goal was to be 1.29 quite constantly and I did it, and so a lot in 1.30 low. So good day today. We know more or less what to do for the future to improve the bike, to make a more complete bike and there’s still a long way to arrive to my maximum with the bike we have …"


"Today I arrive for two long runs and from the first and the second we improve a lot and I’m very happy and I think we understand the way and this is very very important for the first race."


"Yeah, I did a small mistake : I open the gas too early but I’m really happy about these 3 days testing in Phillip Island. Step by step I was looking for try to keep the lines in fast corners and I think we finish in a good position."

Valentino ROSSI

"Yes ! You know, I work a lot, we work a lot … We try to improve the feeling with the bike, especially with the old tyres and we take a lot of datas, we make hard job but, in the end, I think we haven’t fix our problem. So we have to try something else for Qatar."

Si vous "strugglez" avec la langue de Shakespeare, faudra "translater" avec Google ou votre Harrap's Shorter ou que sais-je car, à mon niveau, j'en resterai là ...
Oui mais non, car je dois encore transcrire les propos de FOLGER, P. ESPARGARO, SMITH, A. ESPARGARO, LOWES, CRUTCHLOW, ZARCO et, last but not least, le régional de l'étape MILLER !!

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