You know what ?

ROSSI 2011 QATAR FP1.jpgYou know what ? I'm happy too !!! C'est ce que dirait Drupi après lecture de l'interview de Valentiiiiiiiiiiino ROSSI que voici que voilà :

“We’re all pretty satisfied with this first free practice because we worked well throughout the entire session, progressively improving with each outing. We modified the setup a little compared to the test, and we immediately found it to be better, to the point that within just a few laps, I improved on my time from Monday. The last run was particularly positive and my final lap time, done with a hard tyre that had 19 laps on it, was my best. It was just a bit more than a tenth off second place. We know that if we want to have a good race on Sunday, we have to cut another five tenths, and we’ll try to do that tomorrow. Anyway, although we still have to improve some more things on the bike, now I don't have to push so hard and it is turning better. The shoulder is holding up well. It was only at the end that it started to lose a little strength, and tomorrow we’ll see how it reacts with two practice sessions. In any case, we’re happy today.”
On le serait à moins avec un cinquième temps, à 1 dixième du deuxième ... BARBERA a fait plus fort encore, sur une Ducati privée, avec le 3ème temps !!
Alors, feu de paille ou véritable révolution ...
Wait and see ... et on "seera" très très bientôt puisque c'est ce week-end que s'ouvre la saison !!!!!!

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